Reviews & Accolades

We could not have asked for a better experience in planning my daughter’s wedding. Gina and Jessica were easy to work with, listened to our ideas, were always available and willing to answer any questions or concerns we had. They gave great advice on vendors and were on point with the minute details. Jessica handled every facet on the day of the wedding, flawlessly, to the point that it made the day stress free and we were able to enjoy the day without any worries. I would highly recommend Organically You to plan any event you may have a need for. Thank you Gina and Jessica for making my daughter’s wedding so special and as many of the guests commented; for “setting the bar high” for anyone who might be considering a wedding in the future.

Matt  & Kristen 6.25.2017















We had an AMAZING experience with Organically You Events! Gina is the owner of the company and is also the planner who likes supporting local companies. She brought our vision for the wedding to life and had great ideas that were unique and specific to us. She was super friendly, professional, extremely organized, and very prompt when responding to emails. Organically You Events offers multiple packages with varying levels of service. We initially started with a lower level package that we customized a bit, but then ended up adding a design element to our service. This was by far the most worthwhile and valuable money that we spent on the entire wedding. Working with Gina and the rest of the Organically You Events staff was truly an unforgettable experience. We genuinely could not have created such a memorable day without her and her team.

Travis  & Shiera 10.07.2016











Gina and her team were incredible! We used their month-of/day-of coordinating services, and really couldn’t have done it all without them. A few months before the wedding I realized there was no way I could be getting ready, while also running around with a whistle and clip board and corral all the vendors. Gina reviewed all of our contracts, pointed out inconsistencies, and worked with us on developing the minute-to-minute timeline. So so helpful. The day of, she and her team were efficient, everything went smoothly, and best of all I was super relaxed and had an amazing time! Could not recommend more highly. (Also, if you’re thinking about hiring them for full wedding planning, I say go for it! Took wayyyyy more of my time to plan the thing before finding Gina than I ever anticipated.) Thank you OYE!!

Corey & Megan 8.13.2016











Organically You Events recently provided “day of” coordination services for our daughter’s wedding. Without a doubt, hiring Gina was the BEST decision we made. She is incredible to work with – so thoughtful and so detail oriented. I couldn’t be happier with the services she provided! Even though we hired her as our “day of” coordinator, her services included a few in-person meetings prior to the wedding, as well as providing guidance via email for the better part of a year. She has great connections in the industry for a variety of vendors. Every one that she suggested provided excellent services. Once the wedding was over I thought to myself – “that was perfect”! And numerous guests have told us the same thing. Gina has a true gift in listening to her clients wants and needs, and executing their vision flawlessly. The next time I need someone to assist me with an event there isn’t anywhere else I will consider looking other than Organically You Events. Thanks Gina!

Rick & Janelle 8.27.2016


CMP Studios















Gina of Organically You Events and her team are incredible! Hiring her was 100% the best thing I did for myself as the bride and for my wedding day events. Throughout the planning process, Gina was attentive, organized, resourceful, punctual, and just the right combination of easy-going and in charge! Gina is thoughtful, considerate, genuine, creative, & fun! Most importantly, she put me at ease and ensured that ever step of the process and decision-making was stress-free and on time. She listened to my concerns and found solutions. She cared about us as a couple and want we truly wanted in our wedding day to make the day unique to us and to reflect our relationship, interests, and lifestyle. She goes above and beyond in every way. Organically You Events also has excellent connections with vendors of exceptional quality. I worked with Gina to find wedding venue locations, florist, photographer, hair and make-up stylist, menu review, timelines, budgeting, and so much more! Gina went above and beyond by creating hand-made, custom decor for my ceremony and reception. She has superb skills at guiding brides through the steps of wedding planning and ensuring that we are all on track. Her guidance for every step and every little detail ensured I had a stress free wedding experience. She kept everyone on track and things running smoothly on the day of the wedding. If there were any issues, I wasn’t aware them b/c she handles everything with grace and decisiveness. I was not worried about a single thing the day of the wedding because I knew that in her care, everything was perfect! I heard from my guests how impressed they all were with Organically You Events in all aspects of making the day flow. The event was authentic and flowed naturally, all thanks to Gina’s tireless efforts and exceptional skills. I just love her and can’t say enough in positivity about her and her Organically You Events team. You must hire Organically You Events!

Chris & Sharon 4.02.2016











Gina was a delight to work with! From the moment we started working together I was able to take a deep breath and know that everything was going to come together. Gina was VERY responsive and I found our time together very useful and productive. She was friendly and helpful and had great ideas and recommendations to share. The day of our wedding we were on schedule (or ahead of schedule!!!) the whole night thanks to Gina’s close attention to detail – and that gave us the opportunity to spend time with all of our guests. She and her team were great! and I hope I have many more opportunities to work with her in the future!

Nate & Alana 2.20.2016















Wow where to begin? Hiring Gina and OYE to plan our out-of-state wedding was the best decision we made throughout our entire wedding planning process. Simply put, she is a ROCKSTAR who will go out of her way to make sure your day is exactly what you envision, even if it requires additional work on her end. I cannot recommend Gina and OYE enough – they are worth every penny!!!

Zach & Ellie 9.26.2015












Gina and her team are incredible! They made the whole planning process a breeze and the wedding day so relaxed for us. We never once questioned using them. Seriously, they are the best and we couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you Gina and Organically You Events for making our day so memorable!

Mike & Louise 9.13.2015














Working with Gina was an absolute pleasure! We had our destination wedding at the Stanley Hotel (we’re from NJ) and Gina really just made the whole process unbelievably seamless. She was so calm and easy to work with. She also thinks of everything, which made me so relaxed during the planning process. I cannot thank her enough for putting everything together between our vendors, our bridal party, the ceremony and everything in between! Gina is amazing – I highly recommend her!

 Joe &  Alyssa 8.23.2015















Gina is the full package. She’s incredibly quick to respond to you, very knowledgeable on all things wedding, and very on top of it where nothing gets missed. When my wedding venue got closed down by Douglas County several months before our big day, I was able to let go of any worry simply because I knew Gina and Organically You were on my team, hustling to find the solution and they did. I would not have had the stress-free wedding planning experience or the beautiful and fun wedding had it not been for partnering with Organically You Events.

 Karim &  Devon 7.18.2015















Gina and Jessica made my dream wedding come true! They helped me through the planning process offering advice when asked, guidance when needed and counsel during the overwhelming stressful moments. They kept my vision in mind at all times and my budget as well, which was very appreciated. They executed the day of flawlessly, even with all of my last minute changes. I knew when Jessica dropped off her “wedding emergency kit” (filled with anything and everything you could ever need on our wedding day, including moleskin for foot blisters which helped my husband walk down the aisle without wincing!) with her headphones in and walkie talkie pack clipped to her hip, that we were in excellent hands. Every step of the way Jessica and Gina went above and beyond to make our wedding day special. Most importantly, they gave me peace of mind during the wedding week so I could actually relax and enjoy every minute of it! I would highly recommend Organically Y

Mike &  Ali 6.14.2015















Hiring Gina was the best decision that we could have made throughout our entire wedding planning process! She was always so enthusiastic, full of energy, and willing to help. She had tons of great design ideas, offered many vendor suggestions, and knew exactly the type of day we both wanted to have. Gina is incredibly organized, personable, calm, and fun to be around. We highly recommend hiring Gina and Organically You Events for any wedding coordinator needs! Thank you for making our day so wonderful!

Mark &  Cheree 11.1.2014



Organically You Events completely exceeded our exceptions for our wedding day. From day 1 with finding vendors to designing centerpieces to executing the day of, we were so impressed with thier professionalism and craft. Thier client service and responsiveness was fantastic, I had nothing to worry about the entire time working with them. They especially make the day of so so easy for everyone in the bridal party and the families of the couple, not to mention super fun. I highly recommend working with this stellar team!

Josh &  Sara 10.25.2014











Gina and her team at OYE far surpassed every expectation we had for wedding planning services. We used them as a “day of” coordinator and I was floored with Gina’s ability to take all the plans and miscellaneous details we had set in place on our own already and weave them all into this wonderful and seamless day. She took our vision and really made it come alive, providing practical suggestions and help to make the weeks leading up to or big day as productive and enjoyable as possible. During the wedding itself, Gina and her team seemed to be everywhere all at once, providing solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had often times before we or a single guest noticed a hiccup in the day. We can’t recommend OYE enough for whatever your wedding coordination needs are — If this team was so impressive for just my “day of” package, I can only imagine the extraordinary results of their other services.

Jason &  Joanna 09.13.2014















Gina is a genius in event design and execution. She is the most detailed and efficient wedding planner who I would highly recommend to anyone who is planning a wedding. She helped us plan from start to finish and everything was exactly how we wanted it! Hiring Gina was THE BEST decision we ever made and she truly made our dreams come true on our wedding day. She is one of the most fun people to plan a wedding with and makes you feel like you are the only bride in the world. She gets back to you immediately on phone or text and always has the solution to make it happe

Matt & Natalie 09.06.2014















Gina surpassed our expectations in every way possible. On the day of the wedding our generator stopped working; she didn’t blink and found a backup one within 30 minutes! I don’t usually give 5 star reviews, but she earned it in every way.

Ben & Ashley 8.02.2014









Gina did a wonderful job for us, she was always available for questions and responded immediately. She was awesome from beginning to the end! She hooked us up with most of the vendors we used. I would highly recommend her for any event, we could have never made it through the the wedding without her!

Kyle & Katie 7.05.2014










Organically You Events was a God-send! We spent over a year planning my large, outdoor wedding and Gina (the company’s founder) helped to make the process easy and virtually stress-free. I hired OYE for the entire wedding planning package and they were there for me every step of the way. OYE recommended amazing vendors and each one surpassed our expectations.
Two hours before the my wedding began, so did one of the worst hail storms I have ever seen! Everything had been set up for the ceremony to be held outside. Gina had a thorough rain plan in place before hand. The OYE team worked their tails off moving everything under the tent and making changes to assure that everything went off without a hitch. Even with the terrible weather, my wedding day was far more wonderful than I could have ever dreamed.
My husband and I both loved working with Gina and her team. Second to saying “I do”, I consider hiring Organically You Events to help plan my wedding to be my BEST decision of the wedding process. I would recommend them to every bride I know, and I do when asked!

Alex & Sarah 6.14.2014















Gina and her team were an absolute joy to work with throughout the entire planning process. Gina is very professional and detail oriented. She recommended wonderful vendors and walked me through the entire process. I never had to wait for a response and always knew she would be timely answering my questions. Gina went above and beyond to make sure that our wedding day was perfect! Her entire team put me at ease on my wedding day so that I could focus enjoying time with family and friends. I would HIGHLY recommend her and her team to all of my friends.

Ken & LisAnne 5.09.2014
















Gina is a pleasure to work with. She is always positive, willing to help in any way she can, and has great advice. I felt very comfortable handing over all our hard work and planning to her to execute on our wedding day. And everything turned out beautifully!

Marc & Jackie 4.19.2014












It’s really unfair to give Gina a 5, we giver her 10 stars. She was so sharp, so easy to deal with, entirely professional, extremely detail-oriented, energetic, friendly and organized. We hired her as day of coordinator for our Boulder wedding and couldn’t be happier with the decision. She was full of good advice and helped us to stay on top of the planning process. She helped my wife achieve her wedding vision and executed everything perfectly. Our vendors enjoyed working with her and our wedding party and family all commented to us how impressed they were with Gina. During pictures, the button on a family member’s jacket fell off and Gina saved the day again with a sewing kit and some needle-and-thread skills. Presumably there were other hiccups in the day but we’ll probably never know about them since Gina is so good at her job. Without hesitation we would absolutely recommend Organically You Events to help you plan your event.

Emily & Andy 9.10. 2013









We were so impressed with the service and expertise that Gina (and Jessica!) provided us both on and leading up to our wedding day. They were incredibly helpful in offering advice, keeping us on schedule and making our wedding day go smoothly. Gina’s preferred vendor recommendations were wonderful and we couldn’t have done it without her organized “day of” coordination. We would definitely recommend Organically You Events to anyone looking to hold an event!

Emily & Chris 8.10. 2013













Gina is an event planning super hero!  She nailed our wedding–she truly “got” the vibe that we were going for, the price point we were aiming for, and handled all of the details, large and small, with the utmost care.  Gina and her team carried out the actual event flawlessly.  In hindsight, I remember actually considering not hiring a wedding coordinator at all, and let me just say, using OYE was one of the best decisions I made during the wedding planning process, without a doubt.

Lauren & Jason 7.2013

We had the pleasure of having Organically You Events coordinate our Boulder, CO destination wedding.  On the day of our wedding, we were so relaxed, and everything was planned so well, that we literally had nothing to do until it was time to get ready.   It was planned THAT well. Gina is amazing. I don’t even know where to begin with how thrilled we were with her level of professionalism and attention to detail. She alleviated a substantial amount of planning stress for us and we really had a great time. Communication was just one of the key areas where Gina excels. We literally ended up with hundreds of emails between caterers, photographers, and florists (just to name a few). Gina took lead on communications and provided the responsiveness to the vendors for us, as well as coordinating with us for timelines and what was important to focus on that week.
During the week leading up to the wedding, as well as the wedding day itself, Gina calmly reigned over necessary logistical activities while we visited with family and friends we hadn’t seen in years. We were blessed to have found Gina and we most highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance with event coordination.
Karen & Jay, 7.13.13

















LOOK NO FURTHER! Whether you want a small intimate backyard wedding or a large formal event Gina and her staff can make it happen flawlessly. She has the perfect balance of being able to take control and direct vendors and participants while feeling hands off. She respected and embraced our southern traditions (as crazy as they were) and sincerely enjoyed learning about what and why we made the choices we did for our special day. When there was one hiccup she was quick to intervene and help me rectify the situation and even offered to address the issue herself so I didn’t have to a week and a half before our wedding. I was sorry to say goodbye to her after 8 months of planning.

KaraAnn & Chip, 8.11.13











Gina from Organically You Events was absolutely amazing! She made sure we got everything we wanted on our wedding day. She and her staff were so attentive and handled everything smoothly. As a bride it was very nerve racking hoping everything would work out the way I envisioned. She made sure that vision came to life that day and that we did not have a thing to worry about. I don’t know what we would have done without them! Thanks for making our day memorable Organically You Events!

Steve & Felicia, 6.29.13 











Gina was fantastic! We went into our wedding planning with a lot on our plate and little idea of a vision of what we wanted it to look like. We told her that our wedding theme would be “fun,” but that is pretty much it. She got a feel for who we are and recommended vendors that fit our personalities and needs. She kept us on track with what we needed to be working on for our wedding and was always a pure pleasure to see when we got together. The result of our work together was a perfect wedding with beautiful flowers, delicious food, lively and different lighting, terrific photographers who made taking pictures enjoyable, a rocking DJ… and most importantly the funnest and most meaningful night of our lives. Mission accomplished, and then some! I would (and already have) recommend using Organically Yours Events to!! If i could give her 100 stars i would!

Louis and Rachel, 5.26.13 











Gina and her team were Amazing!!!! I don’t know how I would have done it without her. She is professional, friendly, encouraging, upbeat, responsive, helpful, organized…. I could go on and on. She truly made the entire wedding planning experience for my husband and I fun and efficient. She helped with everything from the big picture down to the little details, such as helping to design our center pieces and keeping an eye out for sales on items we were planning to use.
After the wedding all of my family was commenting on how helpful, sweet and professional she was throughout the entire event. I did not need to rely on family/friends on our wedding day as Gina took care of everything. We were all just able to relax and enjoy the wedding. I would highly recommend Organically You to anyone!!

Ben and Brooke, 3.23.13 











Gina was an absolute joy to work with. She provided excellent customer service & care, along with the perfect amount of personal touch. Gina & Her Team are able to take any idea & create a lifetime of memories for families & friends. I recommend her to anyone. Stellar planning capabilities, Creativity, and Efficiency. A big thanks for all that they did for us to make our wedding a total dream.

Taylor and Danielle, 1.27.13 










Gina and her employees were fantastic. I would have ripped my hair out if it weren’t for her keeping everyone in line and on schedule. She had a lot of people and personalities to deal with and she did a wonderful job. I was able to completely let go of control and enjoy the day. I highly recommend her.

Andrew & Jennine, 9.08.12 

Gina was amazing throughout the whole process! With her help, we were able to make our dream wedding a reality. She is very well connected within the wedding industry and was able to get us a lot of discounts, in the end saving us a lot of money! She is extremely creative and gifted at what she does, she is a joy to work with!!

Alicia & Brad, 8.12.12










Gina at Organically You Events is absolutely amazing. Our only regret is not hiring her earlier in the planning process. She worked so hard to help us realize the wedding we wanted, with the budget we set. We were so unbelievable grateful to have OYE performing all of the day of coordination. We didn’t have to worry about a thing because we knew that Gina would take care of it. We had a great experience with this company and we would recommend their services to anyone looking for help planning an event.

Dan & Jessica, 5.20.12

Gina is truly amazing. Her attention to detail, organization, and attitude got us through the arduous planning months and made the “day of” an enjoyable experience. We did not have to worry about anything. Throughout the planning process, Gina handled vendors, kept us on track with payments due, arranged needed meetings, and monitored everything through a detailed plan. On the big day, she had people positioned at the ceremony venue, the reception venue, and even had a transportation coordinator who made sure limos, buses and other related items were kept on schedule. Her attention to detail even went to carrying a small bottle of the Bride’s and Groom’s favorite adult beverage on the wedding day just in case they needed a little liquid courage. We could not have pulled off this wonderful event without her. We would highly recommend her to anyone without equivocation.

Charley Eisele, Father of the Bride 12.30.11





This woman is unbelievable. Gina made us feel incredibly calm during the entire engagement season.  She is such hard worker and incredibly thorough!  Gina is so fun to work with and made our engagement a blast! She made our dream of a wedding become a reality. We would recommend her to anyone and everyone if given the chance.

Alex & Ellen 7.14.11

Ryan Dearth Photography


Gina was absolutely fantastic! She had such creative ideas and did such a great job with the budget. I would recommend her!!!




Organically You was helpful from start to finish! I came to them with all of my ideas and they helped bring every single one of them to fruition. My day went off without a hitch, it was so perfect thanks to these lovely ladies!

Jake and Mandi 7.11

Ronnie Renaldi







Gina and Organically You Events were absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond all our expectations. I could have never done it without her! She was a pleasure to work with and made our wedding a day we’ll never forget. Very professional, outgoing and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help planning their wedding, whether you want someone to plan the whole thing, or just need help for the day of the wedding

Jeremiah and Tiffany 

Kara Pearson Photography







Gina Malefyt did an outstanding job planning our daughter’s wedding. The wedding and reception were at a private home so the whole venue and decor had to be created for 170 guests. She did a wonderful job.

Ken & Sandy, Parents of the bride 7.14.2011

Denver Event Professional’s Endorsements

Gina Malefyt at Organically You Events is a hands on, detail oriented professional. I have worked with a lot of wedding planners over my career and she really stands out in the best way possible. She stands out because of her caring personality and make it happen attitude. She goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is sharp and on point. Gina really takes her client’s vision to heart and creates a wonderful and smooth environment for guests, vendors and all people involved. I highly recommend you connect with her if you are seeking a trustworthy and outstanding planner.

All Love Catering

Words can not express enough, how amazing Gina and her crew are! I have had the opportunity to work with her on a few weddings. Her team is the most organized and thoughtful group of gals I have worked with. She has a knack for turning things that would normally be a disaster, into a success. If you want a planner who truly cares about you, and your celebration, look no further.

Skyline Productions

Have worked with Gina and Organically You on several events and I’m always impressed with how smoothly things go. That takes lots of planning ahead of time and flexibility on site. Can’t wait to work with them again.

Peneplain Jazz

“Gina with Organically You Events is wonderful! She runs her business with integrity and honesty. Having worked on several weddings together I know that she is hardworking, organized, quick, thorough, friendly and always prepared for anything that might come up! She has a great network of vendors that are creative and work to help put that special wedding day together. I would recommend her to any Bride/Groom, Mother/Father that has an event coming up!”

Bella Lu Floral

Gina with Organically You Events is professional and organized. More importantly very easy and enjoyable to work with. She made sure she understood the vendor rules at the Lake House so she could help keep the vendors on schedule and allow the bride and groom and quests to enjoy their event at the Evergreen Lake House Venue

Evergreen Lakehouse

“We recently worked with Organically You Events and Gina truly is an amazing Event planner. The last wedding we did with her was organized and absolutely beautiful! If you want the best in Denver and want to actually enjoy your wedding day without all the stress, go with Organically You Events!”

Elevation Events Videograph

Gina is a gift in the wedding world! She is creative and fun, yet understands budgets and how to make your dream a reality. I highly, highly recommend Gina to any bride looking for a planner!
“I had the honor of photographing Gina’s wedding a few years back and I was amazed at her impeccable eye for detail. If you have a vision, she will tell your story. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Gina was super easy to work with and kept everything right on time. A true feat in most weddings!”

Kara Pearson Photography

“Gina was one of the best wedding planner’s I’ve ever worked with. On top of everything at all times without being bossy or pushy, and the event went as smoothly as I’ve seen. I hope to work with her more often in the future!”

Ryan Dearth Photography